How to Prevent Sun Damage to Car Paint in 2019


Everyone wishes to drive around a car that is spotless and looks brand new. But you need to take extra precaution to make the car paint look new and does not get dull.  The first thing you need to do is to get the best quality car paint for your car so that it does not wear off in a few years time.  There are various high-quality paints available in the market and you can use a handheld paint sprayer to get the best finishing look.

Sunray’s damage the car paint easily. You should take the following precautions to keep the exterior of the car in shiny condition.

Steps to take

Frequently wash the car- Before you begin washing the car, you need to ensure that the car is parked in a place which does not get direct sunlight. First, you need to wash off the accumulated grime and grit. Then use the gentle automotive cleanser and soft cotton mitt to clean the car. Rinse it thoroughly after the exterior is scrubbed. You should rinse it thoroughly to clear off the residue of cleaning product.

Hand dries the car exterior- After the wash, you need to dry the car by hand using a cotton rag. It would be time-consuming and is tedious work but you need to do this step without fail if you want the exterior to look good. If the car is left for air-dry, then the paint becomes vulnerable to damage which will be caused by the minerals in water used for washing and the sun rays.

Apply high-quality wax- If you wish the car to shine always, use coat of wax after the wash. Waxing is the final critical step to prevent the damage from the ultraviolet radiation of the sun. Also, it helps in stopping the exterior of the car getting polluted with dirt and grit.

How to Save Money When Shopping for Car Parts & Accessories


Use the below tips to save more money when shopping for car parts and accessories:

Comparison sites:  Use the product comparison sites.  The best thing is you need not spend time and shed sweat in analyzing the market.  These sites do the job and provide you with the best results.  Your work is just to glance and make the purchase.  You can subscribe for emails on offer alerts in various online sites.

Promo coupons:  You would not be able to imagine how much money can be saved when you use couponobox to generate promo codes.  You get the best offers while buying car accessories online.

Buying used stuff:  You can buy used parts which are in good condition.  Only thing is the source from which you buy these.  If you buy from some unknown sources, you tend to incur more towards repair and replacement rather than saving money.  Instead, buy from well-known friends (or) a genuine and knowledgeable mechanic with whom you had been associating with for years.

Sale:  Wait for festivals.  You get more discounts during periods like new year sale, Christmas sale etc.

Multitasking accessories:  Buying separate accessories for different utilities would soar the budget.  Hence opt for buying multi-tasking accessories.  For example, a charger cum FM transmitter.  These are comparatively low in price and save you from the botheration of buying two different stuff.

Priorities:  When you want to save money on car parts and accessories the goal should be care/usage oriented rather than mere beautification.  Do not invest more in buying accessories just for enhancing the looks of the car.  Instead, focus on utility and space saving.  When you live in cold climate investing in frost cover and weather-proof floor mats give more meaning than fixing an ornamental hood.

In addition to all the above points, maintaining the car as a whole will save you a lot of money.…

How Match Your New Car To Your Style


Is your car a match for your style? This is important because your car is a big step towards matching your style statement. Which car you drive is important because it makes an impression about you and your status. So your car should be chosen and maintained with care and take care to make it versatile.

Which car do you drive?   

The car that you drive lets you make an impression. There are views that are associated with some cars. If you drive a sleek car then it shows about your timeless style. An SUV lets you make a big impression. Sedans let you portray yourself as a family person and an estate car lets others know that you are a practical person.

So here it shows that what you drive creates a big impact on your personality and image.


It is important that you maintain your car well. It should always be in the best of the condition and ready to go. Make sure that you take care of all the details of the car. Keep your car clean because you do not want to be wearing your best and coming out of a dirty car. People perceive you in the way you maintain your car.

Also, make sure that you check that the tires are clean and the brakes are in great condition. Also, ensure that the body of the car does not have scratches or dents.

How you drive

The way you drive the car also tells a lot about you. Do not drive the car aggressively when you are driving a sophisticated car.


Make your car more practical and comfortable using modern gadgets from Luxtime. Fit ina GPS ora wireless music player in your car because it shows your style and sophistication. Make your car a modern and smarter to match your style and personality.…

The Ultimate Guide: How to Keep Your Car Battery From Going Dead


Well, we have all been here, haven’t we?!

The last time my sister left for a long vacation, she shifted her car to my garage with strict instructions to start the engine at least once in two days even if I do not take the vehicle out. But work and small alterations in the house meant that the car laid just the way it was kept for the most part of the month.

Suddenly I realized that the date of her arrival was drawing near and I almost panicked!

I rushed out with the keys and was heartbroken when I heard the cranking noise from the engine. A few minutes later also it refused to start. That was that. I broke out in a sweat wondering how I would face the sister.

Fortunately, mechanicbase came to my rescue:

They have a dynamic group of mechanics who will go to the customer’s place and troubleshoot if anything minor. They also pick up the vehicle or tow it in case they think that vehicle needs more attention.

Here is my take away!

From the guys at the service station, I learned this guide of how to protect the car battery from dying.

  1. The extreme temperature will definitely take a toll:

There is nothing that can be done to what the vagaries of nature can do to the humble car battery! Too much cold can freeze the battery and you will end up having to wait a bit before it cranks up or too excessive heat can also evaporate all the electrolytes in there again giving you trouble when you want to start it.

The best thing to do is to keep in the garage, covered and make sure to run the vehicle albeit even for short distances once in two days at least. This will keep the battery in shape.

  1. Disconnect the battery in case you know that you will not need to use out for a month’s time!

I had my own car and I knew I wouldn’t be using hers so I should have removed the wiring and stored the battery elsewhere. This helps to conserve him a battery and extends its life.

  1. Tipping off helps:

You can charge your battery or even tip it with extra electrolytes in case of need arises. The strength of the solution can be checked to determine how much tipping the car actually requires.

Buying Replacement Car Parts – Everything You Need To Know About


If you have decided to replace some parts of your car then here is your guide about how to go about it.

Which parts will you be able to buy?

At understand how you can buy the replacement parts for your car. You could look at the second-hand market or buy the parts online.

There are pros and cons of buying both first hands or buying something new. The second-hand spare parts are cheap and it will let you buy the replacement even if you are driving an old model. When you buy a new replacement part then this will be expensive but you will be sure about it.

Is the replacement part right for you are?

There are many things that you need to be sure of before you buy the correct replacement part.

  • Use your vehicle identification number to be able to locate the spare part for your car
  • The part could be having its unique code so it pays to dig in a little bit to find the exact replacement.
  • You could also take the part along with you and compare it at the local store so that you get the exact part.

Where do you get the right parts from?

There are many places from where you can get the right spare part for your car.

  • You could check the local scrap yard and you may get lucky to get exactly what you need.
  • There are also many swaps meets where the repair shop may actually be ready to swap some part to give you a replacement.
  • You could also approach a dealer who will be ready to source the exact same car replacement for you. However be ready to shell out extra money.
  • There are also many online forums where you could put in the specification of your car part and get what you are searching for.

Top 5 Things to Teach Your Kids About Cars


Kids learn anything easily and fastly as their brains are very capable.  Teaching about cars will help them get familiar with the vehicle and cultivate their interest in learning driving.  Without fail, teach the below points about the car to your kids:

Safety:  The first and foremost thing of a dear one is safety.  So teach them how to use the car safely.  Stress the importance of seat belt, door lock, airbag etc.  Train them every safety measure right from opening the door without banging on anything.

Value of money:   While telling about the car make them realize the value of money.  Brief on the purchase price and maintenance cost of the car.  Talk about monetary aspects like insurance,  cost of the license, fuel saving etc.  Make them list out cheaper alternatives of transport depending on travel need.  Make them visit offroadhoverboard and such sites to help them explore.

Responsible use of car: Let them know the responsible use of the car.  Explain the negative impacts of rash driving.  Also, help them know how they should handle traffic rules.  Stress them to use the car at reasonable speed and respect and be concerned to the other commuters especially emergency vans.

Allowed area:  As long as the kids are not of the age eligible for driving, let them know which parts of the car they can operate and explore.  As kids, they will be eager to try things inside the car.  Handling a music system is not a problem.  But ensure that they stay away from the steering wheel.

Impact of the wrong operation:  Teach them how wrong use of the parts will affect the car.

Basic simple maintenance:  Kids above 10 years can be taught simple maintenance techniques like Checking air level in wheels, fuel indicator, cleaning, checking oil level etc.

7 Smart Steps to Buying Your First Car


The most energizing minutes in life is the point at which you begin the way toward purchasing your first auto. There are a few advances you should take to guarantee you get an extraordinary auto at a value you can bear.

  1. Fix a Budget

The main thing you need to do in the auto purchasing procedure is to set a practical spending plan. Investigate the measure of cash you get every month from your work, and decide how huge of an auto installment you could bear the cost of every month.

  1. Select the Right Car

Once you have decided the enchantment number at the cost you can spend on the new auto, at that point, it’s a great opportunity to begin shopping. Begin by looking on the web for an auto that could address your requirements in similar fashion how one can purchase lockthecock online.

  1. Find out Your Credit Score

Another vital piece of the auto purchasing procedure is finding out about your FICO rating. Your record as a consumer can impact the last value you spend when funding the auto through a bank.

  1. Put Aside a Down Payment

You will likewise have to consider placing an initial installment on the auto when you finish the arrangement. This implies you’ll have to prepare in advance and begin sparing years or months prior to settling on a choice concerning your auto-buy.

  1. Check out Multiple Dealers

After choosing the auto you want, visiting the dealer is next in line. More than a single visit will be essential to anchor the car you always wanted at a reasonable price.

  1. Do a Test Drive

Another imperative advance is to do a test drive for every vehicle you’re considering purchasing. Figure out the best auto models by taking them for a drive.

  1. Have a go at Negotiating

The last advance of this procedure is to start negotiating with the dealer. Bargain and try to attain the value you need.

Top 10 Tips for First-time Van Drivers


Enticed by the best van lease deals if you want to drive your own van then there are a few ground rules and basic guidelines that you must know. Be rest assured that gone are days of arduous truck driving thanks to power steering even in vans; in fact, driving vans is as simple as driving your family car. In case you are not convinced these 10 tips will infuse the much-needed confidence.

  1. Get used to the size of the vehicle. Before you embark on your journey do some practice runs wherein you can get comfortable with the parking and turning which requires extra room especially when entering multilevel parking you must be always aware of the height of the van.
  2. Listen to the instructions of the leasing company and clarify all doubts before you leave their premises.
  3. Vans in general do not have a rear-view mirror for obvious reason. Hence, learn to adjust your side mirrors for maximum coverage. You must especially be carefully with sudden stops.
  4. Ensure the backdoor is properly locked because first-time drivers invariably forget this aspect and then all the contents of the van spill onto the road.
  5. You must secure all loose articles in the back of the van with bungee cords and cable ties.
  6. A low center of gravity will ensure that the van stays more stable even during turns. To maintain the stability, keep all heavy items in the center of the truck and secure them properly. Keep the lighter ones on top.
  7. A van is not as responsive as a car hence you cannot suddenly change lanes or stop suddenly. Keep your indicators on well before you actually change to give other vehicles sufficient notice.
  8. Make sure the tire pressure is according to the manufacturer’s instructions; because vans carry heavier loads their tire pressure is more than the regular car tire.
  9. Wear a seatbelt at all times.
  10. Let your instincts guide you and don’t be hasty in any maneuvers.

Van Contract Hire Aberdeen: How To Get The Best Deals Abroad And Avoid Scams


When we travel abroad by road, Van is the key factor in determining how our trip will shape up. A family requires spacious and cost friendly vehicles. If the Van is in good shape with proper service and tires checked before rental, then the ride is smooth and full of enjoyment. Certain companies look into it that customers are served with their ease being the priority. Aberdeen is one of Scotland’s most prosperous urban communities and a retail sanctuary for customers. Van contract hire Aberdeen has the best car hire services. Contract is made in between the car owner and renter. Van contract hire Aberdeen Companies ask the customer which van they would prefer and which place is convenient for the customer. Mainly there are four types of van-

  • Passenger Van Rental – With 8-10 people this vehicle will easily coordinate the needs and enough space to keep the baggage.
  • Cargo Van Rental – Well some supplies and people need to transported, best choice is Cargo Van. It can be used for a business trip where the company requires to transport samples for testing.
  • Sprinter Van Rental – Long travel with a big group of at least 12 adults, then sprinter vans are the first choice. They are luxurious and spacious thus apt for travelling for long hours.
  • Luxury Van Rental- A nuclear family only concerned with beauty and comfort then luxury brands provide with super comfortable leg space and seats. This the most popular option for friends and families.

Scams are also being conducted by agents nowadays to steal money in an unauthorized manner. First is by damaging the vehicle secretly during the travel and then claiming repairs. This is totally spoof proof and customer is caught in dilemma how to prove his innocence. Next is by providing an upgrade without asking the customer and then claiming it was written in the contract. Another method is by puzzling the customer on the yes and no application by asking similar questions. Sometimes customers try to leave some blanks to fasten things up, this is where they push the extra bucks, extra cushions etc.…

The Best Guide To Wild Camping In Scotland 2018


Scotland’s wilderness is one of its kind. You get to feel truly connected with nature when you go wild camping in Scotland. Along with the breath-taking views, you are also sure to get an experience to cherish for a lifetime.

Here are a few tips to remember:

  • There are some places in Scotland where you might need sufficient insect protection measures for the night time. So carry with you bug repellents and safety nets.
  • Carry the right type of clothing. The general weather conditions might be different from the weather conditions in the wild camping spots. Some might be warmer and some colder especially during the nights. Carry the right type of clothing to stay comfortable during your trip.
  • Weather conditions in Scotland are beautiful in their own ways. But rains might make it difficult to get out and have some fun time. To ensure that you understand the rainy seasons and prepare accordingly.

A campervan can be your best bet

Wild camping can be so much fun if you are able to find a safe den for resting at night. Some places would be ideal to put up tents. But if you plan to get deeper or if you are traveling with younger kids then you might need a safer option. Campervans are just perfect for such situations. Campervan camping spots are many in Scotland. These give you the excitement of camping in an adventurous spot while also offering the much-needed security at night. So you can sleep peacefully with the assurance that you would be waking up to some great views as well. I would recommend this site for hiring a campervan in Scotland. Scotland is a scenic marvel. Admire the beauty without disturbing the balance and you are sure to get your much-needed break from the monotony of daily life!

Why Do You Need GPS


Are you one of those people who take pride in the fact that you know all the roads around you like the back of your hand? Never felt you needed GPS facility in your car? Here are a few reasons to get your car GPS enabled today:

  • What if you are driving to a new place? You may not know every road and every turn. Instead of driving around looking for road signs or asking people for the way, you can find the way in seconds with a GPS, like the autoradio golf 5 android, which helps me navigate around town.
  • If you are on a road trip, there are many chances for you to get lost if you don’t have proper road signs. Highways have signs only at certain places and it is easy to miss a road. A GPS will warn you when you have missed your road.
  • You won’t have to depend on strangers to tell you the way and you can map the route in your GPS. You will be guided all the way without any confusions
  • If you were to change the route or take a small detour, the GPS can recalculate your route and give you the alternative roads to take. You can even decide between the different routes available
  • If you have to get to a meeting on time, you cannot risk taking the wrong road or wasting your time asking for the route that’s why the autoradio gps 2018 make travelling easier. This will not only waste your time but will also get you frustrated and you cannot attend the meeting in a calm state of mind
  • A GPS will also tell you the estimated time required to reach the place. This way, you can plan your travel accordingly and ensure you are on time.

How To Get One

If you are wondering how to get your car GPS enabled, you can get a separate system that will allow you to connect your smart phone to it. This way you can use the features on the phone, while driving, without having to touch the phone. Autoradio carplay is the software that allows you to connect your iPhone to such systems and autoradio double din is the software for android phones.…

Sailing Around The World: The Best Tips Turning The Dream Into Your Reality

Want to sail around the world? Now make your dream a reality by following the few tips.

Sail around the world and get paid too

There are many crew training courses that you can apply for and get qualified. This is the bridge between your skills and the job as a crew member. See the world when you work as a crew member.

Sail on the smaller boats

If you want to rush into a boat and sail on it then you can experience it on a small boat. You can network with sailors who are sailing around the world and volunteer to take out time and help them.

The are many who would not mind an extra hand on their boat and you can apply for the same.

Boat sitter

You can also apply as a boat sitter. This is a great job for those who want to sail but get seasick. You will enjoy free accommodation in many awesome spots and the boat owner is happy because he has someone who is keeping an eye on the boat.

Sailboat cruise

There are some sailboats that keep sailing around the world. You can choose which place you wish to see and pay for that leg of the journey. You can also choose to do the entire journey if you have the money.

Boat share

If you have friends who share the same passion as you then pool your money and get a boat. This is known as a boat share. You all can then plan out on how you wish to sail the world.

Purchase your own boat

You could buy a boat to sail around the world and you can actually get a reasonably priced boat. But you need to work out on ways to get a regular source of income. You could also sail for six months and then work on land for the other six months.

Sailing is one of the most incredible ways to see the world. You just have to find the right way to do it. Read more on how to sail around the world.