Sailing Around The World: The Best Tips Turning The Dream Into Your Reality

Want to sail around the world? Now make your dream a reality by following the few tips.

Sail around the world and get paid too

There are many crew training courses that you can apply for and get qualified. This is the bridge between your skills and the job as a crew member. See the world when you work as a crew member.

Sail on the smaller boats

If you want to rush into a boat and sail on it then you can experience it on a small boat. You can network with sailors who are sailing around the world and volunteer to take out time and help them.

The are many who would not mind an extra hand on their boat and you can apply for the same.

Boat sitter

You can also apply as a boat sitter. This is a great job for those who want to sail but get seasick. You will enjoy free accommodation in many awesome spots and the boat owner is happy because he has someone who is keeping an eye on the boat.

Sailboat cruise

There are some sailboats that keep sailing around the world. You can choose which place you wish to see and pay for that leg of the journey. You can also choose to do the entire journey if you have the money.

Boat share

If you have friends who share the same passion as you then pool your money and get a boat. This is known as a boat share. You all can then plan out on how you wish to sail the world.

Purchase your own boat

You could buy a boat to sail around the world and you can actually get a reasonably priced boat. But you need to work out on ways to get a regular source of income. You could also sail for six months and then work on land for the other six months.

Sailing is one of the most incredible ways to see the world. You just have to find the right way to do it. Read more on how to sail around the world.

Top 5 Things to Teach Your Kids About Cars

Kids learn anything easily and fastly as their brains are very capable.  Teaching about cars will help them get familiar with the vehicle and cultivate their interest in learning driving.  Without fail, teach the below points about the car to your kids:

Safety:  The first and foremost thing of a dear one is safety.  So teach them how to use the car safely.  Stress the importance of seat belt, door lock, airbag etc.  Train them every safety measure right from opening the door without banging on anything.

Value of money:   While telling about the car make them realize the value of money.  Brief on the purchase price and maintenance cost of the car.  Talk about monetary aspects like insurance,  cost of the license, fuel saving etc.  Make them list out cheaper alternatives of transport depending on travel need.  Make them visit offroadhoverboard and such sites to help them explore.

Responsible use of car: Let them know the responsible use of the car.  Explain the negative impacts of rash driving.  Also, help them know how they should handle traffic rules.  Stress them to use the car at reasonable speed and respect and be concerned to the other commuters especially emergency vans.

Allowed area:  As long as the kids are not of the age eligible for driving, let them know which parts of the car they can operate and explore.  As kids, they will be eager to try things inside the car.  Handling a music system is not a problem.  But ensure that they stay away from the steering wheel.

Impact of the wrong operation:  Teach them how wrong use of the parts will affect the car.

Basic simple maintenance:  Kids above 10 years can be taught simple maintenance techniques like Checking air level in wheels, fuel indicator, cleaning, checking oil level etc.