Single Employee Train Crews

“Passenger Rail & the Single Crew Issue

“End of the Line for the Conductor?

“Seattle Railroad Workers Rally Against Single Employee Crews”

“Rail Workers Revolt Against Driving Solo”

“What is Wrong with Single Employee Train Crews

“The Campaign to Stop Single Employee Train Crews”


Oil Trains

Articles on Oil Train Derailments through 3-20-15

“How Has Chicago Prepared for an Oil Train Derailment?”  9-3-15

“Group Throws Birthday Party for Century-Old Railroad to Raise Awareness of Oil Tanker Danger”

“Exploding Trains & Crude Oil” — Jon Flanders, former RWU Co-Chair

“Tactical Response to Incidents Involving Crude Oil” 9-1-15

“Who’s to Blame for the Exploding Oil Trains?”

“Are US Regulators Trying to Cover Up Influence Of Lobbyists On New Oil-By-Rail Regulations?” 8-9-15

Center for Biological Diversity Seeks Ban on Oil Trains

“Oil Train Derailments Muddy Rail Sector Earnings”

“Derailments Highlight Cruse Oil, Water Safety Issues”

“Another Bomb Train Blows Up — Could Workers Put and End to this Madness?”

Safe Rail Communities Aims to Improve Rail Safety”

“Demonstrators block tracks in Everett, WA”

“What Railway Workers Think About Oil Trains”

“The Oil Trains and the Cities: How Safe?”


Train Crew Fatigue

“Fighting Fatigue”

“Rail Companies Fight New Rules to Prevent Crew Fatigue”

“NTSB Cites Fatigue in Fatal 2011Rear-End Collision”

“Do You Suffer from Decision Fatigue?”

“Final FRA Report Finds Reduced Shirt Start-Time Variability Can Boost Safety”

“Investigation: Federal RR Officials Ignore Regulations on Fatigue”

A Safety Analysis of Fatigue and Drowsy Driving      Advanced Driver Fatigue Asleep at the Wheel – Report on Drowsy Driving      Changing Behaviors to Prevent Drowsy Driving & Promote Safety     Driver Fatigue and Road Accidents      Fatigue Management, Rail Operations Personnel       Literature Review on Drive Fatigue Among Drivers in the General Public     Literature Review on Health and Fatique Issues Assoc with Comm. Motor Vehicle Driver Hours of Work      NHTSA Drowsy Driving Study                                 Review of Studies Concerning Effects of Sleep Deprivation and Fatigue


Railroad Safety Programs

“Fighting Fatigue”

“Confronting ‘Blame the Worker’ Safety Programs”

“OSHA Fines CSX for Action on Employee Who Had Safety Concerns”

FRA Cracks Down on Harrasment of Injured RR Workers”

“Blame the Worker or Fix the Safety Hazard”


Railroad Worker Whistleblowers

“Oil Boom Raises Safety Concerns for Whistleblower Railroader”

“Railway Whistleblowers Get Some Federal Protection at Last”

“BNSF Intimidation Alleged to Extend to Witnesses”

“UP Ordered to Reinstate and Pay Terminated Whistleblower Employee”

“OSHA Orders UP to Reinstate Workers, Pay $200,000”

“Rail Worker Rights Leaving 19th Century Behind”


Long & Heavy Trains

“Excessively Long & Heavy Trains Opposed by Workers’ Group”

“Derailments Caused by Too Long Trains?”

“Indiana Bill Proposes Hefty Penalties for Blocked RR Crossings”


Miscellaneous Railroad Articles

Railroads’ Recent Record Profits – Articles Compilation since Hanuary 2014




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