Single Employee Train Crews

A Short History of Attack on Two Employee Crew

HELL NO! to Single Employee Train Crews

Where are the Unions in This Fight

Winning the Fight Against Single Emploee Crews

“Rank & File Railoraders Resist Single Employee Train Crews”

“What’s Wrong with Single Employee Train Crews?”

RWU Resolution Against Single Employee Trains Crews

The Highball Special Supplement on Single Employee Crews

RWU Ramps Up Fight Against Single Employee Train Crews

The Single Employee Crew Issue and Passenger Rail

The Fight Against Single Employee Crews — A Timeline of Events

Flyer — No Single Employee Crews

Resolution — No Single Employee Crews

Press Release — No Single Enmployee Crews

Cartoon — Carriers Demand Crew Reductions

switchman and air hoses

The Fight Against Single Crews on BNSF

Rank and File Defeat BNSF Single Train Crew Initiative

We Score a Victory at BNSF – Now the Hard Work Begins

Spouses and Families Lead the Way

Photos and Graphics of the Campaign

Vote Results 9-29-14vote-no button image



Train Crew Fatigue

Fighting Fatigue in the Rail Industry

Medical Literature Review on Rail Worker Conditions

The Effect of Fatigue on RR Worker Health & Safety

Work Schedules & Sleep Patterns of Rail Workers

RWU Crew Fatigue Resolution from 2008

riding a tank car b

Long & Heavy Trains

Flyer — Long & Heavy Trains

Press Release — Long & Heavy Trains

RWU Resolution in Support of Limits to Long & Heavy Trains

Letter to an Iowa State Senator from Jeff Kurtz RR Engineer re Train Size


Railroad Safety Programs

Flyer — Building Real Safety Programs to Counter BBS

House Injury Underreporting Report 6-08

USWA Basic 13 Points for Good Safety Programs

Defend Whistleblowers — Fight BBS

Union Approach to Understanding & Addressing Management Safety Programs POWER POINT

Removing Hazards to Save Workers Lives 2014

CP Loco

 Railroad Worker Whistleblowers

Defend Whistleblowers — Fight BBS

Winning an OSHA Whistleblower Case

SP loco and worker



RR Miscellaneous

Railroad Facts 101

Train Model – Typical Tour-of-Duty for a Train Crew

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