Conference Packet

Each registrant will receive a packet upon arrival at the Conference. Below is a DRAFT listing of materials you will find in that packet. Please take this opportunity to look over the packet materials in advance of the Conference.

Packets to Include the Following Materials

Basic Conference Information

Chicago Conference Schedule

Conference Ground Rules

Endorsing Organizations Listing

Sunday Activities Schedule of Events

Chicago South Side Rail Infrastructure Tour 9-20-15

Miscellaneous Flyers

Flyer: Rail Conference Promotion

Flyer: Now the Conference is Over, What is Next

Flyer: For Further Reading

Train Model – Typical Tour-of-Duty for a Train Crew

Sample Resolutions on Rail Safety

Resolution in Opposition to Single Employee Train Crews

Resolution on Train Crew Fatigue

Resolution in Support of Improved Track Maintenance

 RWU Flyers and Articles

Flyer — No Single Employee Crews

Flyer — Building Real Safety Programs to Counter BBS

Flyer — Long & Heavy Trains

Flyer — RWU Explaination

What is Wrong with Single Employee Train Crews

“No Single Employee Train Crews” Bumper Sticker

Bumper Sticker -- No 1 Man Crews

Information from Past Conferences

Richmond Conference Schedule Updated to 3-5-15

Olympia Conference Agenda Updated to 3-9-15


Richmond Sunday Activities UPDATED 3-9-15

Olympia Conference Sunday Social Flyer

Solutionary Rail Flyer

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