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The Ultimate Guide: How to Keep Your Car Battery From Going Dead

Well, we have all been here, haven’t we?!

The last time my sister left for a long vacation, she shifted her car to my garage with strict instructions to start the engine at least once in two days even if I do not take the vehicle out. But work and small alterations in the house meant that the car laid just the way it was kept for the most part of the month.

Suddenly I realized that the date of her arrival was drawing near and I almost panicked!

I rushed out with the keys and was heartbroken when I heard the cranking noise from the engine. A few minutes later also it refused to start. That was that. I broke out in a sweat wondering how I would face the sister.

Fortunately, mechanicbase came to my rescue:

They have a dynamic group of mechanics who will go to the customer’s place and troubleshoot if anything minor. They also pick up the vehicle or tow it in case they think that vehicle needs more attention.

Here is my take away!

From the guys at the service station, I learned this guide of how to protect the car battery from dying.

  1. The extreme temperature will definitely take a toll:

There is nothing that can be done to what the vagaries of nature can do to the humble car battery! Too much cold can freeze the battery and you will end up having to wait a bit before it cranks up or too excessive heat can also evaporate all the electrolytes in there again giving you trouble when you want to start it.

The best thing to do is to keep in the garage, covered and make sure to run the vehicle albeit even for short distances once in two days at least. This will keep the battery in shape.

  1. Disconnect the battery in case you know that you will not need to use out for a month’s time!

I had my own car and I knew I wouldn’t be using hers so I should have removed the wiring and stored the battery elsewhere. This helps to conserve him a battery and extends its life.

  1. Tipping off helps:

You can charge your battery or even tip it with extra electrolytes in case of need arises. The strength of the solution can be checked to determine how much tipping the car actually requires.

Buying Replacement Car Parts – Everything You Need To Know About

If you have decided to replace some parts of your car then here is your guide about how to go about it.

Which parts will you be able to buy?

At https://www.247spares.co.uk understand how you can buy the replacement parts for your car. You could look at the second-hand market or buy the parts online.

There are pros and cons of buying both first hands or buying something new. The second-hand spare parts are cheap and it will let you buy the replacement even if you are driving an old model. When you buy a new replacement part then this will be expensive but you will be sure about it.

Is the replacement part right for you are?

There are many things that you need to be sure of before you buy the correct replacement part.

  • Use your vehicle identification number to be able to locate the spare part for your car
  • The part could be having its unique code so it pays to dig in a little bit to find the exact replacement.
  • You could also take the part along with you and compare it at the local store so that you get the exact part.

Where do you get the right parts from?

There are many places from where you can get the right spare part for your car.

  • You could check the local scrap yard and you may get lucky to get exactly what you need.
  • There are also many swaps meets where the repair shop may actually be ready to swap some part to give you a replacement.
  • You could also approach a dealer who will be ready to source the exact same car replacement for you. However be ready to shell out extra money.
  • There are also many online forums where you could put in the specification of your car part and get what you are searching for.