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Top 10 Tips for First-time Van Drivers

Enticed by the best van lease deals if you want to drive your own van then there are a few ground rules and basic guidelines that you must know. Be rest assured that gone are days of arduous truck driving thanks to power steering even in vans; in fact, driving vans is as simple as driving your family car. In case you are not convinced these 10 tips will infuse the much-needed confidence.

  1. Get used to the size of the vehicle. Before you embark on your journey do some practice runs wherein you can get comfortable with the parking and turning which requires extra room especially when entering multilevel parking you must be always aware of the height of the van.
  2. Listen to the instructions of the leasing company and clarify all doubts before you leave their premises.
  3. Vans in general do not have a rear-view mirror for obvious reason. Hence, learn to adjust your side mirrors for maximum coverage. You must especially be carefully with sudden stops.
  4. Ensure the backdoor is properly locked because first-time drivers invariably forget this aspect and then all the contents of the van spill onto the road.
  5. You must secure all loose articles in the back of the van with bungee cords and cable ties.
  6. A low center of gravity will ensure that the van stays more stable even during turns. To maintain the stability, keep all heavy items in the center of the truck and secure them properly. Keep the lighter ones on top.
  7. A van is not as responsive as a car hence you cannot suddenly change lanes or stop suddenly. Keep your indicators on well before you actually change to give other vehicles sufficient notice.
  8. Make sure the tire pressure is according to the manufacturer’s instructions; because vans carry heavier loads their tire pressure is more than the regular car tire.
  9. Wear a seatbelt at all times.
  10. Let your instincts guide you and don’t be hasty in any maneuvers.