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How to Prevent Sun Damage to Car Paint in 2019

Everyone wishes to drive around a car that is spotless and looks brand new. But you need to take extra precaution to make the car paint look new and does not get dull.  The first thing you need to do is to get the best quality car paint for your car so that it does not wear off in a few years time.  There are various high-quality paints available in the market and you can use a handheld paint sprayer to get the best finishing look.

Sunray’s damage the car paint easily. You should take the following precautions to keep the exterior of the car in shiny condition.

Steps to take

Frequently wash the car- Before you begin washing the car, you need to ensure that the car is parked in a place which does not get direct sunlight. First, you need to wash off the accumulated grime and grit. Then use the gentle automotive cleanser and soft cotton mitt to clean the car. Rinse it thoroughly after the exterior is scrubbed. You should rinse it thoroughly to clear off the residue of cleaning product.

Hand dries the car exterior- After the wash, you need to dry the car by hand using a cotton rag. It would be time-consuming and is tedious work but you need to do this step without fail if you want the exterior to look good. If the car is left for air-dry, then the paint becomes vulnerable to damage which will be caused by the minerals in water used for washing and the sun rays.

Apply high-quality wax- If you wish the car to shine always, use coat of wax after the wash. Waxing is the final critical step to prevent the damage from the ultraviolet radiation of the sun. Also, it helps in stopping the exterior of the car getting polluted with dirt and grit.